Development Opportunity in Barrie, ON- 79 Edgehill Drive

The proposed development consists of one 12-storey residential apartment building, containing 218 units. This development shall occupy only the Residential portion of the lands, and will not alter the designation or zoning of the Environmental Protection area. The total residential area of the site, or net develop-able area, is 1.22 hectares (3.01 acres) resulting in a net density of 179 units per hectare.

  • Price: $7,000,000

  • 218 Residential Units

  • 300 Parking Spaces

  • Street Level Commercial Units

Residential Units

The layout of the proposed condominium complex has been designed to mesh with the massing and scale of the adjacent development at 84 Edgehill Drive. The design will also create a fresh and modern streetscape as seen both from Edgehill Drive, Anne Street and Highway 400. The proposed building will be rectangular in shape, aligned along the eastern lot line to maximize separation between the proposed building and the structure on the adjacent lands. This development requires only one access to Edgehill Drive.

Ground Floor

The ground floor of the residential building will possess a main foyer, mail room, two (2) elevators, general washroom, as well as a community room. Eighteen (18) residential units can be found on the main level, including fourteen (14) 2-bedroom units and four (4) 1-bedroom units.

Floors 2-11

Levels two to eleven will include twenty units on each floor, comprised of fifteen 2-bedroom units and five 1-bedroom units per floor. Staircases can be found at the north and south ends of each floor of the structure. Unit sizes will range from 49 square meters (527 sqft.) for one bedroom units to 65 square meters (700 sqft.) for two bedroom units.


A large amenity area can be found in the north-west portion of the site, north of the fire vehicle turn around feature. This amenity area will include a tennis court, as well as a large play ground. Walking trails will connect residents from the parking area, through the playground area, to the wooded natural area in a circular fashion. This healthy and serene amenity space will be a great asset to this development. A lot lines will be buffered by a minimum three meter landscaped buffer to adjacent properties.

Parking Structure

The parking structure will be two storeys in height and possess three total parking levels. Two staircases, one on the north and one on the south side of the parking structure will service residents wishing to walk from one level to another. The parking structure will possess a ramp along the west lot line which shall allow two way traffic flow up and down from the second and third parking levels. A circular fire truck turnaround can be found at the top of this ramp.

Level One

Level one (1) of the parking structure will possess 122 parking stalls including two (2) barrier free spaces, along with recycling, laundry, move in elevator equipment, electrical, and mechanical areas. Level one parking is accessed solely from the front entrance positioned along the Edgehill Drive frontage.

Level Two

Level two (2) of the parking structure will possess 124 parking stalls including two (2) barrier free spaces, along with electrical, mechanical, and generator areas. Level two (2) parking is accessed solely from an entrance positioned along the west lot line.

Level Three

Level three (3) or the top surface of the parking structure will possess 84 parking stalls including three (3) barrier free spaces. This level will be accessed from the rear / north end of the parking structure. The main floor of the residential structure will be on grade with the top surface of the parking structure.