Art Auction for Matthew House Toronto

ReaLawState hosted an event on July 12th, 2018 that raised awareness and a grand total of $5,090 for Matthew House Toronto in their efforts to provide full service to the needs of refugees.

This event included live street art from artist Emmanuel Jarus. The portraits created by Jarus were auctioned off bringing in a total of $5000 that will be donated to Matthew House Toronto!

There were also raffels, food & drink, check out the details and photos below!

Toronto is currently facing a refugee housing crisis. Matthew House Toronto’s goal is to inspire hope, restore dignity, and empower independence for refugee claimants. Matthew House has been welcoming refugees for over 20 years and has inspired the opening of 10 additional refugee homes across Canada.

Graham F. Alloway, founder and CEO at ReaLawState stated, “Who better than realtors and lawyers to participate in our city’s refugee housing crisis? Incorporating street art is logical as it has a way to raise awareness of social and political issues like no other medium. Bansky did a series of murals in the refugee camp in France, making a strong statement regarding the migrant crisis in Europe. This is our call to action, on a somewhat smaller scale.”

Mr. Alloway said, “The influx of refugees into Toronto is stretching our already exhausted housing resources beyond their breaking point. Now that we are all talking about the problem, the question is: what are we financially prepared to do about it?”.

For further details call 416.443.9000 or visit our Facebook Event

Read a bio of street artist Emanuel Jarus here.