Learning from your mistakes is all well and good until you have to learn the hard way from a mistake that may financially impact you for the rest of your life. Love is a wonderful thing, but there’s often a certain naiveté that accompanies it. We hate to be the pessimistic voice of reason in your ear, but what may seem like a natural and exciting progression in your relationship (i.e. Moving in together, purchasing your first home, etc.) can actually turn into a legal nightmare should your relationship not end up working out. (Not that we’re saying it you won’t ride off into the sunset on that white horse and live happily ever after!) This mess can all be avoided though, if you take the proper steps to protect yourself when entering your common-law or pre-marital arrangement.


People at this stage of life often don’t like to think about these legal realities and un-pleasantries, dismissing them as irrelevant to their situation or even fearing that bringing up the topic will burst that perfect bubble of honeymoon bliss that exists when couples are generally taking these steps forward in their relationships. This is why it’s important to hire a professional who will help keep your head out of the clouds and give you all the facts you need to make the most educated and sound decision in your investment- that dose of reality you’ll be thankful for later. We’ve married together (pardon the pun) a group of experienced and knowledgeable lawyers with an all-star group of real estate agents, hand-picked for their expertise in dealing with the Toronto market and the specific needs of a diverse group of clients. This offers a unique advantage in that we’re not just there to help you buy the perfect new pad, we’re there to help you consider all the legal sides of the equation as well.

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Let’s talk about a for instance. You’re a young man or woman in a somewhat serious relationship who’s just come into some money. Whether you’ve received a promotion at work or an inheritance of some kind, you’re ready to invest in your first piece of real estate. Or perhaps you’re happy newlyweds purchasing your first matrimonial home, but one spouse is investing significantly more than the other. Whatever your situation, the whole “what’s mine is yours” idea does not just exist in theory. There are ways to protect yourself from these potential ramifications when entering the arrangement, which is something a real estate agent alone may not be able to advise you on. Enter our legal team, who work with our realtors to give the client a well-informed and executed experience that will continue to benefit them for years to come.

The last thing you want when your relationship begins to unravel is to be tied to that person for years in a legal battle over what (you feel) is rightfully yours. Make sure you keep your eyes open and have all the facts when moving forward with any kind of investment, so that you can ensure you are protected if things don’t go as planned. Just keepin’ it REAL(awState). See what we did there? ?