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3 Tips to Protect your Home from Spring Thaw Flooding

By |2019-03-04T14:07:37-04:00March 4th, 2019|All Posts|

Toronto Real Estate markets will not be the only thing heating up in the next few weeks. Winter, like most good things, will surely come to an end. However, if left unprepared, an abrupt shift to warmer climates, reffered to as a "Spring Thaw" could signal dangerous flooding and damage to your home. A recent [...]

Legal Marijuana: Is your Investment Going Up in Smoke?

By |2019-03-10T19:28:41-04:00February 28th, 2019|All Posts|

By: Graham Alloway Founder, Broker of Record 416.443.9000     International and domestic purchasers of properties for the purpose of renting should know the impact of the Cannabis Act, 2017, which legalizes the cultivation and use of marijuana. Unchecked cannabis usage can reduce the value of your investment. Most rental units are condominiums, and [...]

Can I Expense My Sale Costs?

By |2019-02-28T11:22:21-04:00February 27th, 2019|All Posts, Professional Advice|

So you've finally sold your home. Congratulations! Although the heating 2019 market may have helped a little. In any case, you've just made arguably the largest financial decision you will ever make in your life. Whether it's moving to a new home, offloading an additional property, or celebrating a successful flip, the dwelling is well [...]

Toronto New Build Home Prices Rise Thanks to Incredibly Strong Condo Market

By |2019-02-28T11:22:32-04:00February 26th, 2019|All Posts, Toronto Market|

Toronto New build home sales in the GTA are up, thanks to extremely strong new condominium sales. New Data released by Altus Group* via the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD), shows a total of 1,362 new homes sold in January 2019. This number is up by 14 per cent compared to January of [...]

Toronto January Market Indicates Climb for 2019

By |2019-02-28T11:22:37-04:00February 26th, 2019|All Posts, Toronto Market|

The January Toronto Market is off to a strong start! Reported in the MLS® for January 2019 was a total of 4,009 home sales. Although prices appeared to continue their decline, it should be noted that the rate of price change began slowing significantly, potentially indicating a turnaround going into February. Further, when compared to [...]

Month in Review: October 2018

By |2019-02-28T11:22:45-04:00November 8th, 2018|All Posts, Toronto Market|

Total Residential Transactions October 2017 vs. October 2018: 7,069 to 7,492 (up 6%) Seasonally Adjusted: 6, 987 to 6,920 (down -1%) Average Selling Price October 2017 vs. October 2018: $780,104 to $807,340 (up 3.5%) Seasonally Adjusted: $802,783 to $810,881 (up 1%) Total New Listings October [...]

The role of a Lawyer in a Real Estate Transaction

By |2019-02-28T11:22:59-04:00October 11th, 2018|All Posts, Professional Advice|

A real estate transaction is potentially the largest single financial transaction of your life, planning and executing is critical for a result which anticipates both short and long-term goals and outcomes. In many real estate transactions you might only meet with a lawyer once, however we think it is important that your lawyer is [...]

The rebound of the detached Toronto home

By |2019-02-28T11:23:11-04:00October 4th, 2018|All Posts|

With home sales being up for every property type in the GTA, the industry has all of its eyes on what the fall season has to bring for Toronto Real Estate trends. So far it looks like the detached home is making a come back. Since last spring, with the introduction of the [...]

The legalization of Cannabis- what does this mean for Toronto Real Estate?

By |2019-02-28T11:23:27-04:00October 2nd, 2018|All Posts, Professional Advice|

On October 17th, the use of recreational marijuana in Canada will become legal. Annual sales for Canada’s recreational marijuana market could range between $2.3 billion and $4.5 billion by 2021. Over 1600 applications have already applied for licenses to grow or sell medical marijuana. Once businesses become licensed under the Health Canada guidelines there [...]