Tips on How to Stage Your Home Using Hotel Secrets

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Tips on How to Stage Your Home Using Hotel Secrets There is an indescribable feeling that over washes when you step into a high-end hotel. The combination of the finishes, lighting, views and décor gives an air that makes you never want to leave. Recreating this feeling at an open house with a little effort [...]

Check it Out! Hotel X- Toronto’s new Luxury Hotel

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Hotel X is Toronto’s new downtown luxury hotel. Hotel X overlooks Lake Ontario, providing a unique and beautiful view that is not found at other hotels in the city. It located right by the iconic exhibition place grounds and is centered close to the regions most popular attractions. In addition to the advantageous location of [...]

The 2018 Toronto Foodie Bucket List

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  Okay Toronto Foodies, here’s the roundup. Whether you’re looking for a new vegan haunt that takes plant based eating to the next level, some all-American style comfort food, trendy Asian fusion, glamorous atmosphere or lively bistros, we’ve got an option for everyone on our 2018 Toronto Foodie Bucket List. Aloette The little sister to [...]

How to Master Your Holiday Soiree

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First and foremost, the trick to successful hosting is simply staying organized. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your holiday soiree goes off without a hitch, and that you hold on to your sanity this year! Prepare in Advance. Don’t try to do everything in one day. Consider what you’ll [...]

In Memory of Murray Koffler

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Murray Koffler was more than a Canadian icon - he was a local legend and a family friend.  Whether it was sharing a salmon or the stories of its catch, the Alloways were proud to call Murray a neighbour. On behalf of ReaLawState Realty Brokerage Ltd. and its parent company, Alloway & Associates, we extend [...]

Unique Ways to Spook up Your Home for Halloween

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It is almost HALLOWEEN! Witch, see what I did there, means it's time to break out those Halloween decorations, however instead of using those plastic cobwebs and fuzzy giants spiders, here are some decor options your neighbors would have never seen before! Floating witch hat lights Floating witch hats is an affordable decoration that [...]

How to Have Your Home Casted

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Have you ever wondered how home makeover shows find homes to fix-up? Or did you know that you could rent your house for commercials, movies, and TV shows? Here’s the 411 on how to have your home considered for the next casting call! Networks such as HGTV are constantly seeking homes to [...]

Bursting the Honeymoon Bubble #SorryNotSorry

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Learning from your mistakes is all well and good until you have to learn the hard way from a mistake that may financially impact you for the rest of your life. Love is a wonderful thing, but there’s often a certain naiveté that accompanies it. We hate to be the pessimistic voice of reason in [...]

Thinking about buying a pre-construction condo?

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Thinking of buying a pre-construction condo in Toronto? Before you fall completely in love with the model suite there are some key things to keep in mind. Many people don’t realize you can work with a realtor when buying pre-construction as opposed to buying directly from the builder. The person in the sales centre works [...]

How to actually find a home in Toronto to buy.

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If you are even remotely considering buying property in Toronto, then you are well aware of how hot the market is. Even if you aren’t buying or selling, the rise in prices of Toronto real estate has become a regular news topic, almost nightly. According to TD Canada Trust, that won’t likely change either, as [...]