Tom Ford is about to close a whopper of an off-market deal in Beverly Hills. If the $53 million U.S. dollar deal closes, it will be L.A County’s biggest sale of 2016. The property that has the eponymous designer reaching deep into his dinner jacket lined pockets, is an estate located at 809 North Hillcrest Road.



Tom Ford is closing on a $53 million US dollar Beverly Hills estate.


Aside from seven bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a two-bedroom guesthouse, pool, tennis courts, screening room, gym and 3.2 acres of magnificence, the pedigree on this home is of note. First designed in 1926 for the silent movie star Hobart Bosworth, it was eventually sold to Hollywood couple, William Powell and Carole Lombard. One year later, in 1934 Russian-born architect James Dolena redesigned the house.In 1969, the villa was purchased by James Bond producer Albert ‘Cubby’ Broccoli for $440,000.

Broccoli lived there until 1996 when he passed away. His wife kept the home and leased it out to friends and acquaintances, including architectural keener Diane Keaton for a few years. After Mrs. Broccoli passed away in 2004, the property was put on the market.



The pedigree of the property includes 007 creator Albert Broccoli and film legend Carole Lombard.


Enter interior designer Kelly Wearstler and her husband, hotelier Brad Korzen. The couple did a Wearstler style redo and then offered their home for sale in 2010 for $48 million. When it still hadn’t moved in 2012, they reduced it to $39 million. But markets rise and fall and the Wearstler – Korzens upped it again to an even $50 million. It was at this point that the suave designer snapped it up. The sale had the community so gobstopped that rumors were even sparked indicating hip-hop mogul Jay Z and wife, Beyoncé, had serious interest in the home, but lost out to Tom in the end.

tom ford hallway

In 2010 designer Kelly Wearstler redid the home in her avant garde style.


tom ford bedroom

Wearstler listed the property, dropped the price, then raised it again.


Regardless of who missed out on the estate, one fact holds true. Mr. Ford will no doubt be hosting the kind of dinner party at his new digs that will have A-listers jockeying for an invite, and a style quotient fashionfiles only dream about.