People often underestimate the impact of a well-furnished room. You can take a dingy and dismal space and make it look new with just a fresh coat of paint and some stylish contemporary furniture. It’s easy to dismiss the idea of renting or buying new furniture or hiring someone to stage your home due to the cost and hassle associated. However, this “cost” is actually going to significantly increase your chances of getting your asking price on your home, maybe even more!

When people walk into a home, the first thing they ask themselves is “can I see myself living here?” If the space has been lived in for forty years without any maintenance or updating, the answer is most likely going to be no. Sure, some people possess the ability to see beyond the furnishings and look at the bones and potential the home can offer… but this ability is rarely possessed by the average buyer who is inexperienced in the world of design or architecture. This is where staging comes in. Staging essentially “disguises” the room as a contemporary space that a widespread demographic of people could see themselves calling home. Here are a few tips to get started.

Get Rid of the Dated Furniture.

This is often a big part of the reason people avoid staging- to avoid dealing with their stuff! So many end up throwing out furniture or donating to charity to avoid dealing with the headache of trying to sell it. There’s nothing wrong with donating, if you so desire. However, for most of the population, a little extra cash-flow during the expensive time of a move is always welcomed. There are many second hand furniture stores that take used furniture on consignment. Often they will even have it picked up from your home. So take some photos of your pieces and e-mail them around to a few shops. If you don’t get any nibbles, make a trip to goodwill. If you hire a professional stager, they will often have connections with second hand consignment stores, and will refer you to these places as well.     


Hire a professional stager

Sure, you could take a run at staging your own home yourself to avoid the labour fees in paying someone else. However, you are taking a risk in that you are making an investment that you may not end up seeing a return on. A professional stager is a sure bet as they know what is new and hot in contemporary décor, what aesthetics have a track record of selling success, they have great spacial awareness and can maximize a room, and most importantly, they have an inventory of their OWN furniture to use. This saves you the time of finding appropriate furniture, buying/renting it, and arranging for delivery both ways. Basically, it’s far less of a hassle to handle it this way. Sure, it may cost a bit more, but the time and headache saved makes it a well worthwhile investment, and you will without a doubt see the investment returned (and then some) in the sale of your home. Looking for a decent stager in Toronto? We’ve got some of the best in the city on speed dial, and we’ll be happy to connect you while we broker your deal. We want you to get top dollar for your listing, so depending on the value of the transaction, we will cover services such as these under our commission fee.


DIY Staging

If you do decide to go it alone, there are a few pointers to remember. Firstly, it’s important that the home doesn’t feel too personal. Remove family photos and trinkets of sentimental value, unless they offer a real aesthetic benefit to the room. In choosing furniture, it’s important to make it feel contemporary but not so uber-modern that it’s not relatable or comfortable for the average person. You don’t want to lean too far toward one style, but rather find a middle ground that would appeal to a broad demographic. Don’t skip out on the walls! A new coat of paint instantly makes the space feel fresher. Going with a lighter shade in the off whites also really brightens and opens up a room, making it feel more spacious. Lastly, always remember that less is more. Use minimal furniture to make the space feel bigger.

Long story short, the buying, selling and moving process is expensive and exhausting, but don’t make the mistake of skipping out on one of the most important steps toward your long-term gain. It’s truly amazing what one can do with even a hundred year old home with just a little cosmetic revamping. If you have questions about the selling process or staging your home, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you with the process!

One Team. One Goal. One Commission.

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