There’s a right way and wrong way to “do” Canada’s Wonderland. To that end, we are turning our blog over to guest writer, Christian Alloway aka chumboy9 (YouTube). Who better than a 12 year old, who has tackled every ride in the park, to guide you through the ropes? Follow his lead and we promise your line waiting time will be minimal and your fun factor will be maximum.Take it away Christian…

Thanks and welcome to my guest blog!

A few packing tips before you leave home:

  1. 1.Bring a refillable water bottle. It has to be empty so you can bring it inside the park. You can refill it at the park and trust me you WILL get thirsty.
  2. 2. Bring a swimsuit and a towel for the waterpark. Oh and a baseball cap and sunscreen. You can fry like an egg there.
  3. 3. Use a backpack. It can hold all your swim stuff and your refillable souvenir pop bottle (see below).

Okay we are packed, and ready to go have fun!

The Leviathan is the best way to start your day

The Leviathan is the best ride to start your day.

  • Arrive at the park right at 10am and buy your tickets or get them online ahead of time.
  • When you enter the park, go straight to the Leviathan roller coaster. The line will be really short due to your early arrival, and no one does THIS one first so it’s the ideal time. Plus once you’ve ridden Leviathan, everything else is easy. NOTE: IF you want to pay to get a picture of yourself on the ride, take note of where the cameras are when you are in line. That way when you pass the spot you’ll be ready so you can pose or do THE DAB like I did. Same for Behemoth.
  • After the Leviathan go to the Shockwave. It always has a short line and if you like rides that spin its the one for you.
  • Next up… the Bumper Cars – a good way to cool off after the intense two rides you just conquered.
  • Now make your way to Thunder Run, a roller coaster that goes through the mountain. In my opinion a fantastic choice to end the first half of your day.
  • Hey! It’s time for lunch. It should be around 12-12:30 by now. Subway has all the healthy choices, cheap prices, and the wait is very short due to the fact that thy have at least 8 people taking orders.
  • I also bought a Wonderland refillable pop bottle. $29.99 and I get free refills all season! They also offer free refills for the day for $10.99
  • Lunch is done so now you need to cool off. That summer sun is intense. You know what that means? It’s time to hit the Splash Works Water Park. Most people go here first thing in the morning so chances are the crowds will be a little less at mid-day. At Splash Works it doesn’t matter which attraction you go on first because almost all the rides have short lines. You should be spending a maximum of 2 hours here.

Plan to spend about 2 hours at Splash Works water park

Plan to spend about 2 hours at Splash Works water park.

  • Splash Works done…ready for the Mine Buster? It’s the natural choice because it goes right through the Water Park. Caution: it shakes a lot. If you are headache sensitive you may want to give it a miss. Did I already say IT SHAKES A LOT?
  • Having Fun? Of coarse we are. Okay head over to Stunt Coaster. Stunt Coaster is a very intense coaster so I need to tell you it is very scary, even for me. It doesn’t slow down at all it just goes really fast from the start. It does get dark when it goes through a tunnel and you can’t see the track so be prepared.
  • You are ready for the Behemoth. This is the perfect way to end off your day. The line is short at the end of the day and it isn’t as intense as the Leviathan.
  • Check your watch…it should be around 7:45pm now. What? Where did the time go? This is a good time to exit the park, as traffic won’t be crazy. But wait…you have to stop and get some funnel cake on your way out.

funnel cake

Don’t leave the park without trying the funnel cake!

Of coarse you can’t do ALL the rides in one day. That’s why they sell the Season Pass. This is a sample day of what I did. But believe me, I’m going back again this summer a few times so I’ll let you know what else I do.

Thanks for coming along for my guide to the perfect way to spend a day at Canada’s Wonderland. Let me know how you spend your day and what you do!