Have you ever wondered how home makeover shows find homes to fix-up? Or did you know that you could rent your house for commercials, movies, and TV shows? Here’s the 411 on how to have your home considered for the next casting call!


Networks such as HGTV are constantly seeking homes to renovate and feature on current and up-and-coming TV shows.  Many homeowners however don’t know how to apply. Realtor.ca recently interviewed Alex Shaw on some major tips that should be followed to ensure your home is featured next.

The first tip is to know where to look. Many local TV stations like HGTV Canada, Slice, City, DIY, W Network, etc. have casting calls on their sites, but it is important that most of these shows come with a cost from you. Many shows work within a budget that your household has made, so don’t be shocked if you end up absorbing many of the fees.

The second tip is making your application stand out. Alex Shaw discussed that the most important thing is to follow the directions on the application correctly. The tricky part comes when you’re asked to write a paragraph describing your situation. A good story and sense of humor will draw them in more than describing the age and appearance of your home.

Finally: how to ace the interview. Shaw discusses that to attract viewers, it is necessary to have a funny/sexy conflict.  You’ve probably seen this on every reality show, right? So spice things up a little… or a lot! Remember, be candid while remaining low maintenance to the production team. Producers do not have the time to deal with divas or drama queens. Easy going guys and girls get gold stars on their applications.


Don’t want to be featured on TV but have a home you want to show off? There are ways that just your home can become famous! Many people rent out their homes to film commercials, TV shows, movies, and more. It’s a great way to make a little money on the side. Many production companies list casting calls on their websites. To land the job it is important to include high-quality photos of your house, make sure it is clean and well put together.  Sometimes production crews bring their own furniture, however, a home with spaces that are easy to adapt (i.e. neutral wall colours in open spaces) will score extra points on your application.

Below are some current casting calls for renovation shows:

Property Brothers:

  • In the York or North York Region
  • Be Buying or renovating a fixer-upper
  • Be energetic, opinionated, and fun!
  • Must have a renovation budget of $90,000 +

Bryan Inc.:

  • Fun and extroverted people with a passion and vision for their project
  • The show provides discounted renovations, however, homeowners must put in a minimum of $50,000

Also, check out these sites for current casting for your home!