Our Market Snapshot for August 2019 is here.


The Toronto Real Estate board reported a total of 7,711 sales in August 2019, up just 0.8% from the previous month. Compared to the previous year, sales are up over 13.4%. Rental rates saw a decent climb too, with one-bedrooms scooting past the $2,200 mark, up 6.3 per cent.


“August has historically been the slowest summer month of the seasonal market” said Graham F. Alloway, founder and Broker of record. “People tend to schedule their vacations during this month, and single family homes tend not to move as quickly, due to preparation for the coming school year. The fact that total transaction volume was able to, at the very least, remain at par with the prior month is an indication of just how hot the market is right now. I expect the fall market to continue the trend and shatter expectations, especially with the amount of press surrounding the First Time Home Buyer incentive”.


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