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    Why Work With Us?

    Our real estate team consists of real estate agents and lawyers working side-by-side to ensure our clients sell for top dollar, save on fees, and cover all the legal basis accurately.

    Redefining the real estate experience

    As industry professionals for over 30 years, we understand real estate transactions.

    It’s potentially the largest single purchase of your life and it comes with many nuances and details that can easily be overlooked. Those oversights can make or break your real estate deal.

    We are a team of market-savvy realtors with the esteemed legal services of Alloway and Associates. ReaLawState was founded to give our clients the best possible team for any real estate transaction.

    We do not use clerks or paralegals to arrange your deal, nor do we use inexperienced junior agents. We insist on the best. You should too.

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