Whether you’re moving into your first apartment or just a single adult living in an increasingly expensive metropolitan city like Toronto, a shoebox studio or very small apartment is pretty much the norm. Small space living is the way of the future. (Just look at the latest real estate stats (condo sales are up almost 23% from last year).

While these compact spaces can feel stifling and cramped, there are ways to maximize your space. Get creative with storage and design so that it feels like your petite piece of chic paradise! Here are four simple hacks that will change the overall feel of your space entirely.

Feature Wall

1. Create a Feature Wall Divider.

The biggest issue for many people when living in a super open-concept space is not having that division between the bedroom and kitchen or dining area. If you’re looking to add some impact as well as separate your bedroom from the dining room, then why not design a really neat feature wall to serve both functions? The result will be an eye-catching artistic feature that will also help create some boundaries between where you eat and where you lay your head at night.

storage solutions

2. Build Custom Storage or Invest in Furniture with Built in Storage.

Another problem with living in an open-concept apartment with limited square footage is trying to fit your belongings in this tiny space without feeling like a hoarder surrounded by piles of everything you’ve ever owned. Creating custom storage solutions may be worth the investment in this case. If you’re not one for the DIY, there are many ready-made storage solutions available such as platform beds with built in storage as well. This is a great way to keep things tucked away and out of sight, while avoiding an overflowing, disorganized closet.

small spaces

3. Use Glass and Mirrors to Divide and Create the Illusion of Space

Another way to create a division between living areas, if you’re not overly concerned about the privacy factor, is to create glass barriers. This keeps the space feeling open, and the transparency leaves all the areas of the apartment visible, thus making it feel larger. Mirrors are another easy way to create the illusion of space. The bigger the better, think massive and wall-scaling mirrors that will reflect the majority of the apartment, making it feel almost double in size.

storage solutions

4. Get Creative with Nooks, Crannies and Unused Corner Spaces.

Before you start adding built ins and closet space that takes away from the already limited square footage of your space, make sure you take a look around for quirky nooks and crannies with potential for storage space.

storage solutions

5. Live Vertically!

If you can’t expand horizontally, you might as well use your vertical space! Let’s face it, they’re already all over this over in Asia, coming up with unique and functional contractible designs and vertical living solutions. For a small apartment, stacked floating shelves and dual level designs are great solutions.

So don’t let limited space cramp your style! There are tons of simple and stylish solutions to create functionality and flair in your tiny home. Looking to invest in your own little dream pad? Let us help you find it!

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