Tips on How to Stage Your Home Using Hotel Secrets

There is an indescribable feeling that over washes when you step into a high-end hotel. The combination of the finishes, lighting, views and décor gives an air that makes you never want to leave.

Recreating this feeling at an open house with a little effort will set your house apart from others for potential buyers.

Here are some tips to give your house that luxury hotel feeling:

1. First Impressions are Everything

Spend time on making your entrance way unforgettable, unique and welcoming. Your entrance way will be how potential buyers recall your house, so take the time to make it special. Tables, flowers and a formal seating area are a great way to create and open, comfortable and welcoming feeling.

2. Choose Your Colours Wisely

Although you might like deep colours such as teal and purple these colour tend to be polarizing. Pick a colour scheme that is more agreeable to the majority. Most people respond well to neutral colours. Using shades such as grey, beige and taupe’s give off a clean & sleek vibe that is appealing to the eye.


3. Bedroom Vibe

Imitating a hotel room vibe when it comes to bedding is key when it comes to selling your home. Having clean white bedding with one embroidered striped colour really emulates a luxury feeling. Pro tip: doubling the duvet back towards the end of the bed looks welcoming.

4. Create a Bathroom With a Spa Feeling

Keep your bathroom simple and white for a clean look and feel. Marble and minimalist finishes will give the luxury and grad feel which is important to potential buyers.

5. Lighting and Illusion

Natural light and bright lighting are important to create a welcoming environment that people want to spend time in. If your house has dark space or a low ceiling, mirrors can provide an easy solution to create an illusion of depth and light.

6. Outdoor Space

A well-kept outdoor space can be an extra bonus and set your house apart from others. Hotels often offer outdoor spaces which are separate and have their own oasis feel. Adding some simple white curtains, seating area with fresh flowers can elevate your outdoor living space giving off a high-end feel. Bonus tip: adding some sort of lighting element will give the space an extra pop.


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