Thinking of selling your Toronto condo property in the winter? When it is cold outside with snow and ice it is important to prepare your property so when prospective buyers walk in, they are not distracted and can focus on the positive attributes of your home.

Here are some useful tips to help you show your condo unit in the best light to potential buyers.

Turn On Your Lights

Winter brings dark rooms, and an early setting sun. Make sure when a potential buyer is entering each room the lights and switches are turned on. If a room does not have a light, then placing a lamp or supplementary light is a good idea. Floor lamps can serve as a good alternative, and also provide an abundance of light without the need for an extra table in the room.


Make Sure All Light Bulbs Are Working

This may seem like a simple one, however I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve seen a condo with lights that are burnt-out or unresponsive. Its an immediate turn-off for my buyer clients. Not only does it not show the space in the best possible light, it may signal deeper maintenance issues brought about by a lack of care to the property.


Have a Proper Size Welcome Mat

It is a good idea to have a proper size entry mat that fits your condo space and can serve to take visitors boots during a showing. Not only will your condo’s floors thank you, but illustrating the practicality of the space has been shown to increase the chances of sale.



On a cooler day it is a good idea to heat the condo a degree or two warmer than usual. It will help make the home feel comfortable to a potential buyer walking in from the cold and not distract them during their stay. Worried about the space being too hot? Anytime I hear the phrase “well it sure is warm in here” its an instant opportunity to market by snapping back with “well at least we know the heater works!”


Outside Spaces

Take a minute to address your balcony/terrace space (if you have one). This might include shoveling any snow accumulation into a corner, allowing prospective buyers to step out if they so desire. A rubber mat placed at the entrance to the outdoor area is a good idea. Make sure the front entry to the condo building has been salted and shoveled even though this is usually the responsibility of property management. It can’t hurt to check and place a call if required. The last thing a potential buyer wants to see is a management company that doesn’t care about the building its entrusted to!



Does your condo have a spectacular view of the city or a terrace garden? It would be prudent then to showcase some seasonal photos of how your condo looks in the summer to prospective buyers. Being prepared and having some professional photos done in the summer could come in handy when listing your property in the winter months.


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