Neighbourhoods to watch

With Toronto’s exponential growth over the past couple of decades, our population has more than quadrupled, and shows no sign of slowing down. With this rapid growth in numbers comes higher demand as new residents look for homes in the city, which has inevitably driven up prices, particularly in the more reputable areas. Anyone on a budget knows that the best way to get into the scorching hot Toronto market is to keep a keen eye on emerging neighbourhoods- the ones that are a bit off the beat and path and are still affordable to get into- (at least by Toronto standards) yet show signs of gentrification and growth ahead. Not sure how to scope these out? We’ve got you covered. Here are some hot up and coming neighbourhoods we’re keeping our eye on this year.  

Regent Park

Yes, you read that right. Regent Park has been notorious as one of Toronto’s roughest, lowest-income neighbourhoods historically, but the community has been making strides in gentrifying the population and changing its reputation by improving community services and developing beautiful modern buildings- a mix of rental apartments, condos as well as public housing.  As a result, Regent Park’s real estate has been steadily on the rise. Get in early to a rapidly changing area that will surely defy all expectations in the near future! Plus, you can’t beat the proximity to the downtown core.

Birch Cliff

If you’re looking for breathtaking views, and condo amongst some of the largest and most beautiful historical homes in the GTA, Birch Cliff is your spot. Situated right on the Lake, this neighborhood also offers a stunning view of the Scarborough Bluffs. The homes here are quite pricey, however condos remain a bit more affordable (for now.) There’s also a lovely collection of unique restaurants and coffee shops sprinkled throughout the neighbourhood.

Yonge and Sheppard

This hood gets a bit of a bad rap, usually identified as a suburban pocket without much going on, or more importantly, considered too far from Toronto’s downtown core. Little do we snooty Torontonians know, this area is about to blow up. Yonge and Sheppard is currently one of the top intersections for condo development. Developers have been snatching up the affordable land, and the population will no doubt soon push north by necessity and start populating this hood. Invest now while prices are competitive, and people are still turning their nose up at this hidden northern gem. (Did you know it only takes 25 minutes by TTC from here to get to the middle of Dundas Square?)

Danforth Village

Home to the infamous Greek Town, the Danforth is a vibrant neighbourhood full of good food, vibrant culture and tons of entertainment. It’s also conveniently situated smack dab between the downtown core and midtown Toronto. Many of Toronto’s beautiful older homes here have been renovated and modernized and are selling for reasonable prices in comparison to other pockets of the city. Frequent streetcars also make commuting from this hood a piece of cake. 


This area was named as one of the top 3 neighbourhoods in 2017 for first time home-buyers in Toronto. With a rare combination of affordable pricing, schools and parks a bounty, plus a brand-new mall and community center, any young family would love this up and coming neighbourhood.


This area is definitely a “get in early” opportunity. It hasn’t quite emerged as a major TO hub yet, but it’s definitely on its way there. The condo prices here are unbeatable, and there are more and more shops and restaurants flocking to this neck of the woods as development and discovery continues. Downsview subway station makes for quick and accessible transportation to your other favourite parts of the city.

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