It is almost HALLOWEEN! Witch, see what I did there, means it’s time to break out those Halloween decorations, however instead of using those plastic cobwebs and fuzzy giants spiders, here are some decor options your neighbors would have never seen before!

Floating witch hat lights

Floating witch hats is an affordable decoration that is easy to hang on a porch.  What you will need is: fishing line, witch hat, a long needle, LED light sticks, safety pins, and outdoor command hooks for lights. First figure out where you would like to hang each hat then attach a command hook to the ceiling and wait about 10-15 mins. Next, with the needle guide the fishing line through the tip of the hat and secure a safety pin to the end. Attach the safety pin to the LED light. Lastly, hang the fishing line at any length desired and secure the end to the command hook. Repeat steps per witch hat.

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Batty front door

Adding Bats to your front door definitely, will spook your trick-or-treaters. For this decoration, all you will need are some felt bats, trig wreath, and large twig branches. Simply just glue/tape the felt bats to the wreath and the large branches. Quick tip: I would suggest finding branches that have lots of arms to make the look extra spooky as pictured above.

Bleeding candles

All you will need for these freaky candles are some pins and/or nails, parchment paper, assorted white candles, and a red candle. First,     start off with laying down the parchment paper so that wax does not stick to the surface, next place the assorted candles on the paper. Light your red candle and drip the wax over the white candles and voila! To top off the bleeding effect stab the pins and/or nails into the candle and there you have it!

Faux Formaldehyde

This decoration will definitely gross you out. To make this craft you will need lidded jars, green food coloring, rubber creatures (like mice, snakes, bats or insects), and leaves or dried flowers. First, fill each jar with the creatures and/or dried leaves and flowers. Fill each jar with water and add a couple drops of food coloring. And there you have décor fit for a mad scientist!

Ghost drapes

These drapes will leave you with shivers running up your spine! What you will need: several yards of cheesecloth, 1/4″-thick 2×4 poplar strips, staple gun and 9/16″ staples, scissors or utility knife, tape measure, bucket, bags of black tea, hot water, and a mitre box and saw. First, determine each panel’s height and width with the tape measure and cut the fabric. Match the poplar strips to the same width as the fabric, then cut using the mitre saw. Next, pour boiled water into a bucket with tea bags and soak the fabric overnight to make it look aged. Once the cloth is dry, staple the cheesecloth panels to the poplar strip, then staple the strip to the porch overhang. Quick tip: cut holes in the drapes to make a tattered effect.