As you pack those final boxes and prepare for your big move, you realize there’s some things that you would rather leave behind. An old couch, some hockey equipment, maybe even a few old electronics that your new pad is providing. As you look at the chair in the living room you really start to wonder, can One man’s trash really be another’s treasure?

For many charitable organizations in the GTA the answer is…yes! Here’s a quick list of some charities that will help you offload your old belongings into the hands of those less fortunate.

Furniture Bank

As the name implies, this charity truly treats your donations as valuable. Items donated to the furniture bank are cleaned and re-distributed to those who’s home may be a little lacking. Electronics and most household items are also accepted. A small fee applies with every donation. Tax receipts are issued for furniture donation items, and the bank claims that your unwanted furnishings could help a family in need in as little as 72 hours.
To make a deposit, visit or call  (416) 934-1229

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity accepts furniture, decor, bathroom fixtures, appliances, doors…and really just about anything else you would find in an old home! All items must be in good working order, and not contain any mold, mildew, or hazardous materials of any kind.

Red Door Family Shelter

Red Door provides shelter for individuals who have suffered or at risk of abuse. When a family moves out of the Red Door Shelter, the Moving Program provides them with furniture to help them with their new start in life. Red Door accepts tables, chairs, drawers, TVs, and more!

The next time you’re planning to junk that old chest of drawers, consider those less fortunate than you before junking it on the curb.